Chi siamo

Made to measure shirts for man

Handmade quality and made 100% in Italy.

For over twenty years we have been manufacturing bespoke shirts for men and women using materials and processing techniques that give our products value and durability. Our artisanal approach to production allows us to pay maximum attention to detail and quality. These production choices require a longer processing time than other more industrial approaches but, on the other hand, we get superior product quality.

The fabrics and colours you love

A large catalog of over 1,200 of the best fabrics allows us to satisfy all customer requests, even the most demanding ones, in terms of quality, type of fabric, design or color. We are Premium Ambassador of Thomas Mason brand belonging to Albini Group, leader in Italy for sale of shirts fabrics.


Style, uniqueness ed elegance

Our tailored clothing creations for women are the result of constant creative research to bring garments ranging from classic elegance for more formal events, to "carefree" elegance for everyday use to combine with more "sparkling" styles.


We produce our garments in limited numbers for each model. This mean less waste from unselled products and less waste from production processes. Furthermore, the durability of our shirts and the possibility to exchange collars and cuffs, subject to greater wear, help reduce the impact of our products on the environment.