How to choose the right shirt fabric for every occasion


Poplin is a light cotton fabric with a fresh and dry feel, shiny, compact even if soft. Plain weave is characterized by very twisted warp threads and with a higher count (i.e. thinner) than the weft ones, the reduction of the warp greater, often double, than the weft one makes it a rep, a variant of the weave canvas with a dominant warp, which has a slight horizontal line. The poplin shirt is ideal for the spring period when you switch from moderately cool temperatures in the morning and evening to the more pronounced heat of the central hours of the day. Suitable for formal, formal and business shirts.


It takes its name from the English town of Oxford, where production began to make oxford-type shirts. Technically it is made with a nattè weave, with the doubling of the warp and weft threads of the same count or with thin threads doubled in the warp and a single thicker and softer weft thread. Its peculiarity is to have colored warp threads and white weft threads, which accentuates the basket weaving effect by forming a tiny grid. Fresh hand fabric is made with pure cotton yarn with a very fine title. The Oxford cotton fabric is ideal for formal and casual men's shirts, for every day and on many occasions, both in the non "rigid" business environment and in leisure time


Twill (a widely used English term) or twill is a type of textile weave characterized by diagonal stripes. The twill is a weave in which the warp threads bind the wefts proceeding with a diagonal pattern. Twill is a compact, fairly heavy fabric with a soft hand. Suitable for formal and travel shirts.


Piqué (sometimes Italianized as picché) is a cotton fabric with small embossed motifs, rhombuses, squares, dots. Composite fabric, it needs two warps for the weave (one with a taut bottom and an additional slow one) and for the weaving of two wefts (one for the bottom and one for the padding). The threads of the bottom warp, with the greatest tension, lower the threads of the weft, when they pass in front of them, forming a depression while the slow threads remain on the surface creating the relief, thus forming the quilted effect enhanced by the weft. softer yarn filling. The result is a textured, soft and fresh fabric, traditionally white or in light colors. Suitable for formal and business shirts.


Dobby, or Dobles, is a fabric produced on the dobby loom, featuring small geometric patterns and extra texture in the fabric. The warp and weft threads can be of the same color or different. Satin threads are particularly effective in this type of weave as their weave will highlight the pattern. Suitable for business or formal shirts.

Pin point

From the English "pin point", Pin Point is a fabric that derives from an evolution of Oxford. The effect is that of a fairly granular fabric with a texture that seems to be made up of infinite pin points. Suitable for both formal and sports shirts.