We want your full satisfaction

To ensure a high degree of service and satisfaction, Flo and Flo provides the intervention, entirely free for the customer, to solve any problems encountered in the tailor-made product. The intervention may be requested by the Customer within 10 (ten) days of receipt of the product in the following cases:

- problems with measurements - if errors occur in product measurements;

- non-compliance with the order - the manual production of the product can determine, in rare cases, divergences from the order. What is authentic is the forwarded order which is always accessible to the customer from his own reserved area;

- manufacturing defects - the products are packaged and checked one by one but it may happen that some imperfection can escape;

How to ask for intervention

The customer can proceed as follows within 10 (ten) days of receipt of the product:

- access your reserved area;

- go to the "Order history and details" section;

- enter the detail of the order in which the product in question is contained;

- send a message with the problems found from the "Add a message" area to Customer Support by selecting the product with problems from the drop-down menu.

The Customer may be asked to send photos of the product with evidence of the defect found.

The request is reviewed by our Style Advisors, who will communicate any approval.

What is included in the intervention

The interventions are free and can be carried out for a maximum of 2 times for each order. The interventions include the following costs which are borne by Flo and Flo:

- the costs for collecting the product at the Customer's address;

- processing costs for removing the problem on the product;

- costs of sending the product to the Customer's address.

Customs fees (duties and costs related to customs operations), insurance or other ancillary charges are not included.

There are no refunds